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What's the difference between a quiz and an exam?

1. Quizzes

These are informal tests spaced every few pages throughout each module. These quizzes can be repeated as often as you like. When you click a response you get immediate feedback, and you can keep retrying the questions and responses until you get them right. There is also a "Reset" button at the bottom of each quiz page which lets you restore the quiz page to it's original state if you want to start from scratch.

2. End-of-module exams

These are formal exams, one being presented at the very end of each module. You still have lots of flexibility with these:

* The exams are untimed - you can take as long as you like to complete an exam.

* It is an "open-book" exam, so you are free to refer back to the module if you need help in answering a question.

* When you click a response, the Acumen system remembers this, so you can answer some questions, log out, and then return later to the same module. All your responses to date will still be there.

* You can change your response (before submitting the exam for marking), so if you change your mind, you can modify your response.

Your exam is not marked until you finally press the "Submit" button on the very last page. Then, all the questions you have attempted are marked and you get your score, and can also see an explanation of the right answers. Although you can change your answers as often as you like before pressing the "Submit" button, you only get one chance to submit your exam. If you find you have some answers wrong or have missed out some answers, you cannot then change or add to them. There are several warnings on the final page, and when you press the "Submit" button, to remind you of this.

The reason why you can't re-take the formal exam is because you get to see a model answer to every question after submitting the exam, so it would be easy to get 100% on your second attempt! In addition, the exam is meant to be a formal assessment of your understanding, and the scores are sometimes used to measure compliance, pursuit of ongoing learning, admission to a course, or even to a job! 

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